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Introduction to Level 4 Logistics and Alberta Hay for Sale. My name is Barry Peterson. I was raised on a farm in Cluny, Alberta but left the farm for the oil patch back in the 80s. I worked for various companies before starting my own oilfield trucking company in 2008. I started with one truck and 6 oilfield bins and managed to get to 12 truck and trailers, 280 bins and 32 employees in 7 years. All that changed in 2015, price of oil and too much debt on company books, forced me take on outside partners who eventually forced me out of my own company. Crashed and burned. I blame nobody and take 100% responsibility for my situation. 
Never in my life have I ever given up on my goals and I am not about to now. I went begging to family members and managed to raise enough capital to buy some old junky haying equipment. With help from family members, people in the communities of Cluny and Brooks and good friends, I was able mooch a few acres of hay and straw and am starting to rebuild. This time I will build 10x the company I had before and employ 10x the people. By declaring these goals in public forces me to meet those goals.

Level 4 Logistics Mantra
Take massive levels of action to reach our goals
Accept 100% responsibility for everything

The following levels do not apply to our company
Level 3 - Average, normal, ordinary, regular, comfortable
Level 2 - Retreat, backoff, run away, fear of success
Level 1 - Do nothing, slack off, loose focus

I refuse to change my way of doing business just because I crashed and burned with my previous company. I will still try to have the best product possible, give awesome customer service and have only the best people working with me. One thing I will change though is maybe not have as much debt on company books!! 
Lead, follow or get the hell out of my way!!

Barry Peterson

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